Being Alone

They say the easiest way to make a person go crazy is to lock them by themselves in a room for an hour. No phones. No sleeping. No friends. Just one person and their own thoughts. 

What is college optimized for?

I am a believer in an educational system. I am not one of those people who try and tell anyone to drop out of school. (I am a firm believer that anyone who is trying to sell you to drop out of school generally has other selfish motives or just enjoys talking. I think that everyone should think/decide for themselves).

Personal Stories

I used to keep an Evernote journal where I would write down a brief, bulleted summary of my day. The musings would include everything from depressing anecdotes to day to day highlights. I did this for about a year (Freshman to Sophomore) year of college. 

600 Days

When I started my daily blogging journey on February 24, 2016, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I honestly had no good reason for starting. It was an internal pull more than anything. Instinct. 

Making Logical Arguments

We often let our ego interfere with our ability to make clear decisions. We want things to turn out a certain way. We have a prediction for how some part of the world *should* look, so we conduct an experiment to falsely validate our claims.


This essay is about a very small but subtle detail that makes a difference to people - and that is the notion of responding. When people reach out, I always want to respond.