An API for everything

One day I'll turn this thought into a longer, more researched and developed post. But the point I am thinking about today is that the future is likely to become "pay per use" and entirely outsourced.

In business, especially, I believe this to be true.

I think we spend so much of our time so far away from our core product/feature/mission when building businesses. 

We spend money, resources, and TIME (perhaps our most valuable asset) trying to learn things that have been done by others, to perfection, hundreds of times. Scheduling. Taxes. Accounting. Marketing spend. 

The laundry list goes on and on. 

These are things that have been mastered - but they are far away from our core competency. 

We get STUCK on things that are not related to our core problems.

APIs will fix this. 

We can outsource things we do not want to work on.

This is the digital assembly line. 

It is coming.