My Theory about Experts and the Modern Economy

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I have this "strategic theory" (likely heavily influenced by others) about how the modern economy works and how it is likely to change in the future. 

Throughout various sectors of the working class, we find "experts." Experts range in technical specifications, some are doctors, others are loan officers, and you also have everything across a wide spectrum (construction worker, software engineer, etc.). 

My theory is that experts, today, are unfairly compensated for doing unexpert tasks. 

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You Are What You Do

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Over the past several years, I think I have spent a substantial amount of time trying to better understand myself. I believe that self-awareness is not an "end-state," but rather a continual journey of discovery in which one develops an acute understanding of his/her world. This is a unique experience for each and every person, one that occurs on an infinite time-horizon, with various obstacles, difficulties, and surprises. 

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My Favorite Productivity Hack: Structured Procrastination

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I consider myself a minimalist in the sense that I try to squeeze the most juice out of any situation. I prefer "being all in" on the moment, versus "half-doing" several things at once. I rarely study around others (unless it is a group project) because I know it is less efficient and not particularly fun. I rather study independently hard for 2 hours, and then use the extra time to do actual fun things with friends (like going out or traveling). I apply this same lens to most things in life - zero or 100, all in or all out. 

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Is there anything I could say that would change your mind?

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In a polarized world - one that disagrees upon seemingly everything - I believe it is important to consistently surround yourself with people who think different than you. I said think, not just look, as I believe it is critical to seek not only surface-level diversity (gender, race, etc.), but also a deeper diversity of thought. 

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No Donuts

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This essay may seem naive and mundane, but trust me it is important!! 

I have a love/hate relationship with donuts. The positive side is that, in the moment, donuts are one of my favorite treats. The dark side? They make me feel terrible after I eat them. I know they are unhealthy. 

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Different Types of Content

I want to start experimenting with creating different types of artistic content. Among other things, I write for exercise. I write to become a better thinker and "work out" that part of my brain. I have been doing this daily workout for 950+ days in a row. 

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I believe that life comes at you in waves. One morning, you wake up to terrible news. The next, you are on top of the world. But I also believe in agency. I believe in the power of I and We. Life, though, is much more than I. 

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What do you absolutely believe in?

I find this question to be uniquely powerful. I have encountered very very few people in this world (thus far in 21 years on earth) that have voiced to me incredibly strong views rooted in absolute beliefs. 

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