Best Buddies

Life is unvarying in that everyone on Earth technically lives. Yet life is individual in that everyone lives differently. Life is a big game. The best “players” live life to the fullest and do not think about anything else because when it comes down to it, the most essential part of life is living. In my life I have learned not just in the textbooks, but also from the people around me. Those people, my best buddy and a great friend have passed down their “cheat codes” for life, most notably the qualities of perseverance, jollity, and philanthropy.

What is not going to change in the next 10 years?

 Understanding core principles that guide people’s decision making 

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We live in an exciting time where incremental changes in technology have the potential to have compounding forms of impact. The future is rapidly approaching — and perhaps more so than ever before, we are excited and eager for what is next. In an optimistic sense, the future promises to be brighter and bigger for many of us. 

Communicating Vision

Part of persuading others to join you on impossible mountain climbs is the sell that goes into communicating your vision. As a founder of anything, you have the challenge of convincing highly intelligent, busy people that your idea is worth their time. There is so much to do in this world. Already, there are so many companies out there pursuing very honorable, important problems. Even within companies, there is so so much to do.

Advice Givers

There are so many people in this world - especially in San Francisco - that give unwarranted advice. 

You sit down to chat and someone just starts recommending what they think you should be doing.