Bike pollution

A few weeks ago, after traveling across China to both Shanghai and Xi'an, I wrote a blog post about one perhaps minute, but vibrant aspect of each city. In case you have never been to Asia, know one thing, the streets are cluttered with bikes. …continue reading →

Outsourced Worrying

As a person who has (and still sometimes does) "over-worry," I found this article really fascinating. The whole idea - as aforementioned in the title - is that you can outsource many areas of life. …continue reading →

Competition Sets the Standard

I consider myself a fairly competitive person. I grew up playing lots of different sports - basketball, baseball, soccer - and probably hated losing as much as I loved winning. I lost my fair share of games, but also won a bunch that, at the time, were very important to me. …continue reading →

The worst worst case

Growing up, I struggled with (and still fight) anxiety. I think everyone does, to some extent, fight worries, negative thoughts and energy. It is an inevitable component of life - but one that I try greatly to minimize such that I can live fully in the present. …continue reading →

The customer is all that matters

In building lots of projects and working on different types of problems, I find that one thing I, and my teammates, often get away from is actually solving real problems for our customers. Now I think this idea pertains most to enterprise products. I think that consumer-products are often an entirely different type of problem. A problem that is as much art, if not more, than it is really science. …continue reading →

Speaking It

I have yet to truly master the art of this practice yet, but, as I am beginning to experiment, I think there may be tons of value in doing this daily exercise:
  • saying what you are grateful for out loud
  • saying what your goals are out loud
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We’re all lucky

I was listening to this podcast about the early development of Instagram. In it, Kevin Systrom, one of the founders, shares an interesting perspective about how luck plays a role in everyone's lives. While it is important to recognize his own luck, Kevin says, he has this philosophy that everyone is lucky in life. It is about what you do with that luck that really differentiates you. …continue reading →


I started a medium publication where I ask a lot of questions and find simple answers. A new style of writing. Check it out.continue reading →

Without purpose

For the first time in probably 8 years, I have no direct purpose. Sound weird? It feels weird. While traveling, I have really disassociated myself from a single goal. …continue reading →