Sharing podcasts

Though I am really excited about the podcast industry – and listens to dozens of hours of podcasts each and every week – I am struggling to figure out the social solution to this space.

Sharing podcasts is hard, for a lot of reasons, but here are a few:

1 – They are inherently a tough format to share with friends. Do you send a link? Do you post about it? There are dozens of apps and services in this space where people listen to their podcasts. They all have their own advantages, perhaps, but the space is fragmented.

2 – Sharing snippets podcasts does not do them justice. I think you get a lot of value out of the entire story – not just the quote.

It is like sending someone a book but only one page of the book – like they are supposed to extract the same amount of value as you did?

I want to start sharing all of the podcasts I listen to, as I bet some of you would enjoy them too…But how is the best way to go about doing that? Do I write blog posts about every podcast that I listen to and then create a directory of that?

Do we need a “podcast club” where you log which podcasts you listen to?

Once again, I am super excited about this space…but how do we find ways to better share what our ears like to listen to…

This will open many doors – including better podcasts recommendations and such.