Without purpose

For the first time in probably 8 years, I have no direct purpose. Sound weird? It feels weird. While traveling, I have really disassociated myself from a single goal.

My only goal, here, really, was to make the most of it. What that means? Far too abstract to really know and measure. Far too abstract to really envision.

I have no purpose in the sense that I have no objective.

In measuring how my personality deals with this…I realize that I operate better with goals? I think I knew that before traveling. In unpacking that…I ask myself why is that the case?

Why can I not be content with no goals? Why do I need structure?

Why do humans need order to be content? Do they?

Do the villagers in Vietnam have goals? (ignorant question, I know). But how do they communicate them? Do they really need to?

This all sounds mushy and abstract…but perhaps that is what life is….perhaps there must be some abstractness to form your mind and expand your thoughts.

It makes you hungry.

It makes you want more.