Special Snowflakes

Growing up, we are all told we are unique and special snowflakes.

Growing up, we are all told we are unique and special snowflakes.

We are encouraged to voice our creativity and strengthen our imagination to be the best versions of ourselves. In America, independence and freedom matter — as we are taught to guard these liberties and use them to take action for what we believe in.

Our voice matters.

We are told.

But does it

As I get older, I ask the question: is it true? Are we really all *that* unique? Or do most of us share many traits? Do we have unique problems? Or can most of humanity’s issues be boiled down into a few key things?

What makes us different?

The human optimist in me would like to believe that we are all here to make a unique impact on the world.

Is that true?

I am not sure. I think yes. I think that we all have a unique set of experiences, passions, interests, and abilities that have the potential to do incredible things.

I think human potential does not equal human reality, meaning we all may have the potential to be unique and different, but our environment and actions can often dictate how that ends up.

For example, if we all study the same material, are exposed to the same things, etc. then we will inevitably start thinking the same.

That is dangerous. That is group think. And that does happen.

I am still thinking about how unique we are as individuals…