Speaking It

I have yet to truly master the art of this practice yet, but, as I am beginning to experiment, I think there may be tons of value in doing this daily exercise:

  • saying what you are grateful for out loud
  • saying what your goals are out loud

To a younger version of myself, this seems like a silly thing to do. Talk to yourself? Am I crazy? Am I hysterical? What is the point?

I have been experimenting with an audio journaling app – something I have tried to make stick in the past – and I really have been liking spending even just 2-3 minutes a day recording audio of myself.

Similar to my writing style, I just do a brain dump. Sure, it is not public, so the content is perhaps a little different, but I really just use that opportunity to capture and release my brain.

I get my worries out of my head and into some other form of storage.

I find that when I do this – it is like a catharsis. I switch away from passive worrying because I know that I have logged these thoughts somewhere.

Anyways, I am going to try and build this idea of “speaking what I want” better into my routine. Let’s see how it goes.


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