We’re all lucky

I was listening to this podcast about the early development of Instagram. In it, Kevin Systrom, one of the founders, shares an interesting perspective about how luck plays a role in everyone’s lives. While it is important to recognize his own luck, Kevin says, he has this philosophy that everyone is lucky in life. It is about what you do with that luck that really differentiates you.

He, of course, recognizes that luck does play a significant and important role in his own life and credits much of the rocketship success of the company to external factors like timing, happenstance, etc.

But, I think that his framework in thinking that everyone gets lucky – whether you find a dollar on the road or win a lucky video game – is quite fascinating.

It makes me think that I have this very small chance of making a massive impact on the world. It is my job, and perhaps others in my position, to do everything in my power to maximize my potential and live the best version of my life.

While luck certainly does play a role in determining my success, I think the most responsible thing I *could* do is try my best to work with what I have.

I think one thing I do not do enough is just recognize how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have people that care about me. How lucky I am to have been born in a country with fundamental necessities.

How lucky I am to have family. To have friends. To have coaches, enemies, doctors, etc.

While it sounds abstract, and a bit fluffy, I think recognizing your own luck is a valuable exercise that grounds your perspective and helps you appreciate the tiny things that make life beautiful.

Easier said than done.