Just add value

Just add value

There are lots of different ways to handle relationships and go about building your personal brand.

Everyone will try and sell you their own advice and magic tricks that worked for them. For me, it has been always be super simple.

Add as much value as you can. And when possible, do it quickly and for free.

It is really that easy. People love being helped out. I mean who wouldn’t?

Take the long view and optimize for the long run. Help people without expecting a “return on your investment” and good things will start to happen.

Not sure how to add value? Not super technical? There are still so many things you can do.

  • Write a blog post for them
  • Interview them
  • Build a landing page for them
  • Redesign their newsletter / build them one
  • Write down a huge list of ideas and how you’d go about working on them
  • etc.

There are so many different things you can do to get your head in the game. Trust me, it really does work.

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By jordangonen on February 27, 2017.

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