Every so often I find myself reflecting on my “writing journey.” Journey is perhaps the wrong word, as most adventures have an end or finish line in sight. I do not.
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Who will become teachers?

Who will become teachers? Which students are sitting in classrooms across the country today thinking about becoming teachers when they are older? Who will service the public school system? Who will become teachers for elementary and middle schools? …continue reading →

Casey Neistat, Do This With 368

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. He makes awesome videos that are super creative and engaging. Over the past few years, he has popularized the vlogging format and grown a fan base of millions and millions of people. He has had a number of ventures over the years - some more successful than others. …continue reading →

Founders at the front line

While I have never (myself) invested financial capital in startups, I have worked in venture capital twice before. I have also invested a significant amount of human capital (time, resources) in early stage companies. I have expressed my thoughts about venture capital before. …continue reading →

Doing now

I saw this tweet the other day and I think that - for the most part - I really like the message behind it. …continue reading →

Starting with Incentives

In thinking about large macroeconomic problems (healthcare, education, etc.), I often think about incentives. Incentives are an immensely powerful, somewhat quite force in today's society that can be used to explain many of the world's most important and valuable problems. I think my most raw naïveté glazes over human incentives - when I rush to answers I often forget to take into account the *why* behind others' decision. Most everything can be, at least partially, explained by rational incentive-backed decision making. …continue reading →

Things I want to write about

I mentioned the other day that list-making is my favorite and only real "productivity hack." I make casual, simple lists of everything and then execute as best I can on them. …continue reading →


I have experimented with a number of different "productivity hacks" over the years and often come to the same conclusion: it is hard for me to game the system. Productivity, for me specifically, is really a product of hard work and focus. …continue reading →