Things I want to write about

I mentioned the other day that list-making is my favorite and only real “productivity hack.” I make casual, simple lists of everything and then execute as best I can on them.

One list that I find myself making and re-writing quite often is a list of topics or things I am thinking about. This blog – that I have been publishing on daily for over 2 years – is largely a product of what is top of mind in my head. I write what I think about and it ends up here.

This place has become a grounds for me to explore new / old ideas and learn about some new ones. The writing form varies, but is often a brain dump of me collecting my thoughts around a certain topic. I never run out of things to write about because there are infinite things to write about…I write about my curiosities.

Lately, I have been (what I feel to be) more curious than ever. I am questioning more things and trying to better understand the world…I made a simple list today of all the big-picture things I am thinking about. I recognize that it is very very very important to dive deep into issues. Focus is critical and I do not want to spend all of my time wallowing between “ideas.” Ideas – though interesting – are just ideas until executed upon. Nonetheless, I value spending a bit of time each day exploring my inclinations and asking further questions…Here are some things I am thinking about and will inevitably probably write more about:

  • the companies I am very interested in and cannot stop thinking about
  • analyzing my past experiences working (selling tomatoes, etc.)
  • body monitoring is worse than car monitoring
  • is toms bad for local economies
  • “when i was a kid” (50 years from now)
  • improving our “health spans”
  • creating a boring phone with high security
  • finding ways to share podcasts
  • history of assembly lines
  • over-hyped aspects of today
  • the prevalence of internal wiki bots
  • genome analysis will become a critical part of healthcare
  • how big is tourism?
  • frictions in construction space
  • payday lending
  • is the world getting better?
  • history of myspace
  • outsourcing annoyances in my life

The list goes on…I wrote this list in about 2 minutes (as I am sitting on a plane now). I just listened to a bunch of podcasts so many of these curiosities come from here.

So much to be excited about…so much to be scared about…

Instead…will just be present 🙂