10 Product Hunt Upcoming Pages I am Excited For

A few weeks ago, Product Hunt announced a new feature: Upcoming.

10 Product Hunt Upcoming Pages I am Excited ForA few weeks ago, Product Hunt announced a new feature: Upcoming.

A few weeks ago, Product Hunt announced a new feature: Upcoming.

The purpose with these easy to build landing pages “is to to give the community a preview of tomorrow’s next 🔥 products, and makers an opportunity to build an audience and collect feedback before their public debut. 🚀”

It is interesting seeing the trends and products coming soon to the tech world. Here is what I am most excited about:


Browsers aren’t the most effective way to go about your work.

We decided to start from scratch and build a whole new experience ✨ — a workstation centralizing all of your work applications in one intuitive and coherent interface.


Superhuman is the fastest email experience in the world.

Join folks like Justin Kan, Naval Ravikant, Jason Calacanis — they get through their inbox twice as fast as before!

Siftery Track

Track makes it super easy to view and optimize what your team spends on software.


“We’re working on a new app that uses your phone’s camera and voice in a fun new way.”


An exciting new Instagram Analytics Platform that gives you insight into your profile’s performance.


“We are building a new way to track your favorite cryptocurrencies.”


“We’ve built a way to compete with your friends to spread the best new songs around the world using any major music service 🎵 🚀


Studio makes audio group running classes that pair motivating instructors with killer playlists. Connect your Apple Watch to compete on our real-time leaderboard and earn Fitcoin.


With Draftsend your presentations won’t ever have to speak for themselves again.


“We are working on a new exciting product that will allow anyone to create beautiful social media posts and banner ads in seconds.”

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Also, check out my latest project in Product Hunt’s Upcoming:



“We believe that no one from your company/community should feel like a stranger.

So we’ve built a super easy to implement, intelligent introduction bot for your teams/groups.”

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