Music is Memories

Over the past few months, I have taken dozens of flights, long bus/car rides, etc. And during them, I am practically always either listening to a podcast, audio book or some sort of music from Spotify.

I think the coolest thing about the latter is that inside of music, I find memories and shared experiences. We probably all see this, but when I listen to a certain song I am often immediately transported back to a particular life experience. In just a few beats, I am taken back to a previous world.

I remember everything: what I was doing, who I was with, what I felt like. My emotional state.

I play Chance and I am taken back to my first summer in San Francisco – walking around the city. In the sun. Smiling.

I play some old drake songs and am taken back to long car rides with my friends in high school.

Music reminds me of everything.


Music eats memories.

And then replays them for you.

Music is a time capsule for memory-association. It is magical. There is nothing like it.