How to Choose Books to Read

As I have been reading more books this year, more and more people (though still not *that* many) have been asking me how I select my next read. The answer is stupidly simple. I have no process really. I just read whatever I am interested in or particularly curious about.

I sometimes ask for recommendations but I already have a queue of dozens of books sitting in my Amazon Wish List that I would love to dive into. The awesome part is that there are literally thousands and thousands of interesting books in the world (probably more). It would take several lifetimes to finish all of the *great* (not just good) books in the world.

So rather than optimize for a particular genre I just recommend starting. Literally read anything. Read for a hour a day. See if you like it. See if you get into flow.

I think it is a habit that has fundamentally improved my day to day life and helped me become a clearer thinker and better person.