This essay is another reminder to myself. It is a reminder to stay focused on the highest leverage levers I can find.

There are infinite things we can do with our time. There are countless decisions we can make, paths to follow, and people to listen to. I am flooded with ideas, problems, and inspiration. The problem is not scarcity. It is overabundance. The worry is not will I ever find something to do…it is rather how do I figure out how to not want to do most things. How to say no.

What I lack, perhaps most, and is becoming obvious, is that I need focus and clarity. I think so many people get lost in this gray area where they do not know whether to do in the present (and they coast) or wait and find the perfect thing.

I must constantly remind myself. Perfect does not exist. You must always do. Exploration is great but it is not an excuse for slacking off.

The biggest thing I am learning about myself right now is the cultivating an ability to say no. To say no to most everything.

I say this. I write this. I talk about this.

It is far harder to do this.