I make choices based on how I view the world. I invest resources available at my disposal because I believe the world should be a certain way. My world view changes over time, but I make decisions today solely based off of the information I have with me, in the moment, at a certain period of time.

But what I really care about is the truth.

I think a lot of people are shy to admit this. For some reason, it is selfish to want the world to be your way. I want the world to look and feel a certain way so I am going to do my best to get it that way. Surely there are people who would disagree with my view and I invite them to.

Perhaps though, a more refined way of voicing what I am thinking about, really, is that I think the truth should always win. That is my view. Gates block the truth. We need to open them. Bias blocks the truth we need to remove it. Friction blocks the truth. Status quo blocks the truth. Buzzwords block the truth.

So do pre-requisites and antiquated forms of measure.

The truth must win in the long run.