Desire to Be Understood

One thing I am noticing about myself is that I have – at least I have had – this natural desire to be understood by others. More refined, I want to display the complete and full version of myself to the world. I do not want people to judge half of me. I want people to understand me – my incentives, my choices, my work, my actions, etc.

I want to further unpack exactly what I mean by this. 

First and foremost, in noticing a pattern throughout the little side projects I have been thinking of / building, I have an instinctual desire to build things that help humans showcase their interests and abilities. Bookclub is a good example. My newsletter is a good example. I have a belief – whether right or wrong – that showcasing hobbies is of interest to people. These of course are small stint projects, not real businesses.

I keep circling back to these small ideas because I have this natural desire to want these things.

I want bookclub for podcasts. I want bookclub for movies. For traveling. For everything.

Sure these are not all businesses that I or necessarily anyone else will build. But I think they should exist, at least I want them, because I want to be understood.

Why do I want to be understood?

Because I feel like in many times in my life things I have done or said have been taken the wrong way. I feel like I am correcting something sometimes by showcasing my entire body of work. I just want the truth to win in the sense that I do not want to be partially judged. I want to be fully judged. I want people to judge me wholly and not by my cover or my name.

But who do I want to be understood by?

You cannot please everyone. I never try to. In fact, I actually do not want to please most people. I do not actually want to change my behavior, per say.

I just want to show the whole picture. Judge me fully.