If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance you know that I write these daily essays every day. I publish as a form of mental exercise, to stimulate my brain, and improve my thinking. I think typing – writing out my thoughts – has proven to be an invaluable experience.

Though, I am also looking for new ways to exercise. New gyms to enter that push and mold my mind in different ways. In particular, I am looking to further explore my artistic and creative mind. I know it is in there, I just need to find the proper “workouts” to really get it going.

I have been slowly testing out writing more things by hand. I find this to be an interesting means of thinking outside of the lines – quite literally – and having my thoughts take a free form via paper. I also definitely want to explore drawing. I have been fascinated by epaper tablets so perhaps that is a good medium that would actually allow me to publish my drawings online.

What if I published my drawings daily? (I am definitely not a good drawer).

Anyways, the point of this is a) I am not stopping writing but b) recognizing that writing is just one exercise. It is not enough. I need more fuel and training!

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