Clarity Brings Complexity

Clarity brings complexity to life.

Clarity Brings ComplexityClarity brings complexity to life.

Clarity brings complexity to life.

I did not believe this growing up. I used to think there was far more to it — some unknown factor that one day, when I became a “real adult” — would figure out.

Life starts out dead simple.

You worry about little, but you grow a ton.

You learn to speak. You learn to walk. You meet people. You make friends, enemies — life long relationships. It all happens so quickly.

And in this naive state, you do not worry about much else than the present.

But as you age you begin to develop your thoughts. You start thinking more — not only about the present but also about the past, the future, and about things we cannot control.

Much of what was unknown to us as kids becomes demystified as we learn about “adult things.” Death. Taxes. Living in the real world.

The paradox is that as life becomes “clearer,” it also becomes far more complex.

The modern first world problem is that there are soooo many things that we *could* be doing with our time. Choosing that “thing” is impossible.

Why is it so hard? Especially today?

I think that a) our internal will has been overtaken by unconscious influence by society. I think most of us do things, in some part, for reasons outside of our own internal passions.

b) there are so many opportunities that need work. The time is now.

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