What is this blog?


Hey internet. My name is Jordan Gonen and welcome to my blog.

My blog is mine. Unlike other authors, I generally try and write for myself (not you). I do this because I write to learn, not to teach. Everything here is a work in progress, including these thoughts.

But, nonetheless, you are here reading this blurb, so I will thank you for stopping by.

I have been publishing these essays each and every day since February 24, 2016. The topics range from my perspective on varying technologies to traveling adventures to company building to personal life decisions.

As you will find in my essays, I am by no means a professional writer (or pretend to be one). I often make typos and have written plenty of things that I now disagree with.

I try to uphold the following principles in my writing:

  • les is mor
  • do not give advice
  • just hit publish

I make no promises, just trying my best.

More about me: