Casey Neistat, Do This With 368

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker, Youtuber, and entrepreneur. He makes awesome videos that are super creative and engaging. Over the past few years, he has popularized the vlogging format and grown a fan base of millions and millions of people. He has had a number of ventures over the years – some more successful than others.

Now, though, he is trying to figure out a way to “level up” – scale his channel – and achieve a greater mission. In particular, Neistat is passionate about helping small creators grow and accelerate their careers.

He has created a space in NYC, which he calls 368, and he is figuring out what to do with it.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Patreon published this video pitching Casey an idea:

While they have not revealed the exact specifics of their plan…(of how to turn 368 into an awesome space)…I have an idea (and perhaps they are already thinking of this:

They should build YCombinator for digital creators. They should build an accelerator that incubates rising digital stars and build the American Idol of our generation. This is not a new model – other Youtubers have tried similar things before – but I think with Casey’s reach he can build something truly special.

I think it would work like this. Passionate energetic people apply – fill out an application – whatever. Maybe they show some traction, maybe they have some unique and raw talent. I am sure thousands of people would apply.

What are they applying for?

A 4 month “bootcamp.”

You come to 368 – for now just in NYC – and you work on your channel / brand for 4 months, no distractions. You go all in. 368 gives you “seed money,” space, collaborators, gear, studios…

They are there to help you get up and running. They are not going to tell you how to be successful, they will just help you avoid making simple mistakes. There are no guarantees, it is obviously a risk.

People who make it into 368 will film on the 368 channel in addition to their own. They will cross-pollinate, test things on each other…There will be live streams on twitch, podcasts, blog posts, the whole thing.

At the end of the accelerator, perhaps participants will pitch to big brands or there will be this big viral video contest…something like that. 368 can bring in a weekly speaker. Alumni will play a big role.

What does 368 get? Do they get a % of revenue from that creator? I am not sure…

Will this work? I hope so. I hope they do it and crush it.