30 days

I started my “blogging journey” with a simple challenge to myself: blog for 30 days, in a row. No excuses.

Fast forward 30 days from February 24, 2016 (my first day of blogging)…and I somehow made it:

2 Things I Learned from One Month Of Blogging

I want to revisit the 2 things I said I learned from my first month of blogging. I still believe both of these to be true – but I would say them in a far less prescriptive way:

  1. Consistency is everything — Missing one day is far worse than it seems. It would take me out of my rhythm and out of my groove.
  2. Just write — Do not worry about all the side-effects. The fancy fonts and colors are not important.

The amendment I would make to these bullets is the following: this all depends on your goal. My goal was to hit publish often. With that goal in mind, here are two principles I know I need to follow.

The interesting thing is that both of these points (consistency and just writing) hold very true to this day.

I still have not missed a day and I still purposefully do not worry about any fluff. I think those two grounded principles have helped me gain so much from this exercise.