Who will become teachers?

Who will become teachers? Which students are sitting in classrooms across the country today thinking about becoming teachers when they are older? Who will service the public school system? Who will become teachers for elementary and middle schools?

Our society does not idolize teachers in the same way we do other professions. Yet teacher are a foundational component of a functioning democracy.

We need the best teachers to cultivate the best students. Yet…we do not incentivize people to become teachers?

To teach, you need a masters degree.

Who is going to go into debt to become a teacher?

Where is the ROI? Financially, it does not make sense.

I think the future of teaching and school broadly will look very different 20 years from now. I hope, though, in this equation we figure out how to reward those who proliferate and distribute knowledge. There is tons of value in building the next generation of thinkers and learners.

How do we scale the education system faster? How do we improve learning broadly? How do we make teachers better and more efficient?