Simple Formula: Do More of What You Love

The internet is full of listicles from influencers sharing their best productivity tips and tricks. Feel free to experiment (of course you do not need my permission) but recognize that there are few absolutist prescriptions for gaming life.

I find that complex, creative solutions rarely solve all your problems. More practically, the really hard, yet really simple things tend to work on a more general basis.

I am often asked, “how are you so productive?” I answer with two points: the first, productive compared to who? There are so many people with so much more leverage than me that even me working at my hardest fails to move the needle compared to their single action. The second point is less of a disclaimer and far more of a truism that I choose to believe in: spend as much time as possible on the things I care about and as little time as possible on the things I do not.

This is my formula and I live by it.

I choose to invest my time, emotions, and resources towards the things, people, and places that I love. I must be ruthless about this prioritization as there are many things I like and even more things I think are cool. I must cut those, in general, to spend more time on the things I truly love to think about.

I find many people spend tons of time on things they do not really care about.

This seems irrational, especially when people complain most about losing or weakening the things that they love.

I think the answer is that focus is really hard and it is far more convenient to allow permeable thoughts into your brain.

Doing more of what you love is not easy by any means. Most people do not even know what they love. They do not even know what to do.

Your answers are likely fluid in that they evolve over time but even making a guess and pretending you love something for a week and then iterating from there can often be a good strategy. Others choose to research for months and really understand themselves before starting “to do.”

I have no idea what will work best for you but probably worth experimenting.