New Environments

I find it pretty amazing that by simply forcing yourself to be present in a new environment, you can radically change your thoughts and perspective. It seems naively obvious, but literally putting yourself in a fresh situation, surrounded by different types of people, different styles of thinking, etc. can dramatically move and shape your mind.

We are the product of our environments. Though we may resist, and boy do I try to, it is often external forces that, in the long run, dictate our habits, decisions, etc.

I want to be free from those pressures. But at the same time, I want to surf the culture wave. I want to understand what makes environments move people. Why do certain cities breed certain personalities? Certain schools? Certain types of food?

New environments breed new ideas.

This is an essay to myself, as always, about why I want to continually place myself in unique circumstances. A new environment does not necessarily mean moving to a new country or foreign land. It can just mean who you talk to. In 2018, it can mean what you read and what you watch on TV.

I think technology is democratizing access to new environments.

I can put myself in a brand new headspace simply by digging deep on Wikipedia.

This is unbelievable. And it is certainly just the start.

Short essay today, as I am flying all day and have tons to think about. More to come.