Everyone Else Will Give Up

Always Happens, Always

Everyone Else Will Give UpAlways Happens, Always

Always Happens, Always

There is no secret recipe to getting really good at something. There are no life hacks that can kickstart you to the top of the table. Sure luck and karma play a role. But the majority of reality dictates that getting good at something requires one thing: time. 10,000 hours Gladwell claims. Whatever that time is, it is a lot of it. A lot more than you may be able to initially imagine. When Kobe Bryant first touched a basketball, he did not know he would be committing his life to it. The same thing with Jobs and the computer and Picasso with a paint brush.

The trend though is that people who get really good at something are not good by accident. In fact, they are good very specifically on purpose. They spent more time than anyone else harnessing their craft, training their muscle, improving their skills.

I am writing this because I hear a lot of people say things like, “ I wish I was as good as … or I wish I could…”.

Here are some truths: you can get really good at pretty much whatever you want to get good at. You just have to want it really bad. Some things you will have to want so bad that you will either get there or die trying.

But of the things you want really bad, there is a good chance that other people want it. Let’s use basketball as an example.

Lots of kids want to become NBA players. That is a fact. But only a few make it. Why do you think that is the case?

Well, for one, genetics. If you don’t have those, in this sport, you may be screwed. Next you are going to need resources. The most important one, that trumps all other resources, is time.

Time is often taken for granted. Wealth gives you more time, but don’t be confused. Everyone has time. And if you put in enough time doing anything for that many hours. You will become a master at it.

The truth is that most people will start putting time into something, but very few are in it for the long haul. That is why there are very few Kobe Bryants. There are very few people on this earth who have spent more time with a basketball than Kobe.

And that is the truth — hard work will get you closer to your goal.

Though hard work != success, it will put you a leg up. Because the truth is that everyone else will give up.

So stop watching and start doing.

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By jordangonen on July 4, 2016.

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