Just wait

Just wait

Just wait.

I have written about this topic before, but I keep on getting reminded of its importance.


Many of us, me included, lack patience. We want things. And we want them to happen now.

We live in the “on demand era.” We expect things to happen immediately. We complain when our Uber/Lyft takes 10 minutes. But really?

Do you know how lucky we are? At no other point in history has this technology enabled things to come as fast as they do today. What makes us so special as to demand our ride come faster.

While it is often silly to compare today to the past (as we can always feel fortunate) — I think we are being conditioned to have false expectations.

We think everything should come fast.

But in reality — most things do not.


I think our generation forgets that sometimes.

We forget that you are likely to be knocked down before rising to the top. No. You are likely to be knocked down 100 times and even then maybe, just maybe you will make it to the top.

It is a long term game. Not a short term.

Enjoy the short term, win the short term — because you do not know what the long term will look like.

But in doing that, realize that the results of your actions will not only take days, months — probably years to show.

So when shit hits the fan tomorrow, realize there are bigger things coming. Just make sure you are having fun in the process or else nothing is worth it. Right?

As for me, big things coming. Show not tell 🙂

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By jordangonen on April 6, 2017.

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