Let’s stop

If you have ever met me in person and engaged in any sort of discussion on decision making, you have likely heard parts of this rant. This it not my complete thoughts – as I am hastily throwing this onto the page – but they are thoughts nonetheless.

Here is my general advice: do not listen to my advice. 

I generally consider myself to be a pretty weird and unique person. My path is my path. It probably will not work for you. Hell, it probably would  not work for me if I had tried it again right now. For that reason, as I have repeated time and time again on this blog, I make a conscious and active effort to avoid giving unqualified advice.


I find it borderline-predatory (of course unconsciously) for “fake experts” to give prescriptive advice for the sole desire of satiating ego and to feel important.

I know you are thinking this is an aggressive statement. “Really? For advice? People are just trying to be nice and help people out.”

I agree. And I do not mean in it in a rude way. All I mean is to draw attention to the idea that a) making decisions is hard and b) no one makes perfect decisions.

I think one of the hardest problems I know I have struggled with and that young people, generally speaking in first world countries in 2018, face is figuring out how to spend their time. This is not a young person problem, it is an everyone problem. It is just that as you age to 18-22 years old, there is this weird societal expectation for you to come up with answers. Answers quick. I have tons of problems with this logic. I think it is unfair. I think it is bs as most old people do not have the answers. And I think it hurts people’s long terms ambition.

I know I am a hypocrite in this sense. I have disseminated tons of content I now disagree with and would not write about. And that is why I add this disclaimer to everything I write.

To some, the disclaimer is redundant.

I think it is critical.