Free Learners

I have always been fascinated in the process of “learning how to learn.” The internet is the great democratizer in that it enables (practically) anyone to find information from (practically) everywhere. The problem, as pointed out by many, is that finding the right information is particularly challenging. In a world full of noise, it is very difficult to pick out the signal.

Free Learners is a cool website I just found that helps people learn by exploring, doing, and experimenting.

Free Learning is individualized, hands-on, and free form. Free learners learn by doing, and use their innate curiosity to ask questions that then drive their learning. In free learning, no topic is off limits: poetry, robots, sport, genetics, asteroids, anything. To use the trite expression, it’s about learning to learn, and that learning that learning can be fun and fulfilling.

I find this super interesting!

They provide a list of free ideas to help people get started learning!

Check it out here: