Finding Housing in SF

This is a first-world problem. I will underscore and emphasize that before people respond telling me of this.

But now, putting a bit of a hyperbolic hat on, I can confidently say that finding housing in SF is so terribly broken and inefficient and unfair. Living in San Francisco is so absurdly expensive; I cannot believe that people (like me) wait in line to find a place to live there. It is not even that great of a place! In fact, I would say for most people NYC, Seattle, and LA provide better support. There are cases, I at least believe in 2019, where it makes sense to live in SF. Most of those include needing a place to focus while you work on something you care about.

Anyways, I needed to make this rant to highlight just how terrible the process is for finding a summer house. Again, I know, what a first world problem. My freshman summer I paid $2000 a month to basically live in an extended closet in Alamo Square. My second summer I paid $2090 a month to live in the Dogpatch. Last summer, I luckily only paid $1000 a month and split a room with a friend Downtown.

When I tell people these insane prices, their jaws drop.

This is not a hot or new or novel take. Everyone knows this is a problem.

And lots of companies are trying to do something about it! I hope them + regulatory changes help SF live up to its full potential.

This summer I am focusing while working on something I care about and thus will be living in SF. An exciting time…awaits 🙂