Rewriting the Same Topics

If you have been following my blog for a while now, you should have noticed that I often repeat topics and publish rather duplicative essays. This blog is a living version of my thoughts – a documentation of my thinking – so it only makes sense that my mind would wander to similar topics over a long period of time.

I rewrite the same topics as my thinking evolves because I want to practice communicating new lenses and styles of thought. I find it very interesting to see how my perspective on various topics has evolved over the years. It is also interesting observing what has not changed, and which particular areas of my identity have moved the most.

This blog is an exercise that is meant to get better over time. As I push and prod my views (and values) for new abstractions and points of differentiation, I continue to learn more about myself.

There is no agenda. This blog has no long term plan.

Wake up…stare at screen…think…write. Done.

I am no professional and I could quit tomorrow if I wanted to. I have maintained that mentality for 2.5 years now and I highly value its impact.