Bad News Sells

Are there any news agencies focused on disseminating positive news? This is not a novel idea, nor something that would necessarily generate a lot of money, but certainly a “thing” I wish existed and was popular. I find the news depressing. It does not matter if you are in the US or some other country (right now I see the news on the television in Portugal) – you will see flashing “breaking news” with videos of protests, collapsing economies, and the world on the brink of fatal disaster.

Has this always been the case? Who was the first to figure out that bad news sells way better than positive news?

I would be curious…in digging down the history of advertising…to figure out how long people have been screaming the bad and silencing the good.

It is a double edged sword, though, that is not so simple.

If we only celebrate positive achievements, then we see inequality. We see rich people doing rich things and then we are upset that we are not doing those things. We do not celebrate the outliers, we bash them.

If we see the bad things, we do not feel grateful. We feel sad! We feel angry and mourn for the world.

Who is celebrating? Who is cheering on the progress?

When are we happy?