Why College is the Best Time To Start A Company

Don’t hesitate to build a company while in college.

Why College is the Best Time To Start A CompanyDon’t hesitate to build a company while in college.

Don’t hesitate to build a company while in college.

Here are 10 Reasons

  1. A talent pool like no other — Think of college as the melting pot for intellectuals around the globe. College campuses are home to the most diverse and well-rounded individuals on earth. If you need a photographer, you can ask the person down the hall. If you need a web designer, you can ask the kid sitting next you at lunch. If you need a researcher, you can ask your professor. That talent supply is hard to come by, make use of it, while you can.
  2. Proximity — College campuses are the mecca of collaboration for young people. They represent channels of idea flow in constant movement. Being close together, students are forced to communicate ideas and work together — optimal for the foundations of a company.
  3. Resources — Schools are home to tons of incredible resources. From accelerator programs to rapid prototyping to sources of funding, there are accessible resources on school that you can find nowhere else.
  4. Hell you are in College — In college, you still have that badass entrepreneur flavor brandished by your youth. Imagine you are on the cover of a newspaper…How old can you be for someone to still go…He’s how old?!?
  5. Customers — At school, you not only have access to talent but also customers. Lots of them. College students are great customers because they talk. Students, generally, are connectors and can make a product enter the viral loop, quickly.
  6. Low risk, high reward — Building a side project has enormous potential. And the great thing is that, being a student, you have nothing to lose besides a few hours of sleep. If you were ever going to risk it, the time is now.

Now do not start a company just to start a company…Solve a problem…A real problem…A hard problem…But if you can, do it in college!

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