Irrational Ideas and Extraordinary Chances

I tweeted this out the other day:

I tweeted this out the other day:

I’m thankful for people that take irrational, extraordinary chances on people & ideas

Luckily, there have been many people in my life that have taken these unreasonable chances on me. They’ve given me responsibility when they probably did not need to. And rationally thinking, it probably did not make much sense for them to do it.

I know that these opportunities created from this irrationality were perhaps the biggest accelerators in my life.

They’ve helped me “level-up” more quickly and do things I “should not be doing.”

I know that moving forward I will do the same for people. I will be the one to take the contrarian opinion on talent and leverage my abilities to help other people.

This culture of giving and helping is not a form of “networking.” It’s a form of life. Giving back and helping out is a lifestyle and a conscious decision one makes NOT to get something out of.

While I believe that most of life’s decisions are inherently selfish, I do believe that you can find a place to take chances on people that goes against societal standards. And when you do that — you have a huge opportunity for failure, and a slim chance at success.

Take more chances on people, they will prove you right.