Elaborating on these “mini series”

Elaborating on these “mini series”

I wrote the other day about an idea I had to start doing more and more of these “mini-guides” in the form of blog posts.

I took a few minutes to come up with some ideas for what those guides look more like…let me know what you think:

They would be 10–15 part guides filled with all the content I know about certain industries / things.

Fore example, I’d write about how to get an internship. Within that, there would be a bunch of different parts.

  • why you should get an internship
  • how to make a resume
  • how to network

etc. etc.

These would be super detailed and actionable. I think generic advice is often pretty useless. I hope that these would be the opposite of generic — rather, they’d be super transparent and actionable.

Hmm. I think I am going to organize this and go for it.

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By jordangonen on February 22, 2017.

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