Everyone these days seems to have their own advice on how to stay productive and get shit done.

I have tried a lot of the different strategies. Some of them have worked well for me, others have been complete flops. I think it is all about experimenting and finding the right environment / setup for you. There is no cookie cutter solution to staying productive. If there were, we’d all follow the same recipe and produce the same results.

Rather, there is a lot of freedom to mold together the best possible solution for you. And that solution is always changing. There is no “best,” but rather just something that works.

So what works for me lately?

A few things help me get a ton done.

The first is personal motivation. I really want to do some things. I think completing “tasks” becomes much harder, near impossible for me, when I am not passionate about them. Conversely, it becomes so much easier when I really care about what I am doing. And that is just the case here — lately, I have been spending a lot of my time on things I really care about.

The next thing that really helps me is writing. Every single day. Most of the time I do it in the morning ~ 30 minutes to an hour after I wake up. I find it the best way to jump into a morning brain exercise and prime myself to start thinking.

I am also a big fan of lists and “power hours.” I am most productive early morning and late at night (weird, right). During those times, I will often create a bulleted list of about 50 things I want to get done in an hour. It is always a hard goal. But I truncate the “things” into bite sized little steps.

  • send an email
  • update this
  • etc.

That way, by the end — I feel as if I get a ton done by the end of that hour. It is not always about quantity, quality matters a lot to, but for some of those less quality driven tasks — just getting them done is far more important to me.

I have a few more tips (like everyone else does), but perhaps I’ll save that for a more formal post — or start those mini-series things.

Thanks again for reading 🙂 t

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