I think that most “paths to success in life” are like pushups. They are simple, obvious, easily accessible…and hard. People often try and sell you complicated recipes that look like shortcuts to your goals. They are likely lying. You do not need some mysterious workout, bio-hacked workout plan to get strong. You just need pushups (among other things).

I think the same is true for most areas of life. Career. Personal. Etc.

Most of the answers are actually already out there! In fact, most of them are very accessible and obvious to most of us (this is only becoming increasingly true).

There are very few secrets in life in that most humans have tried lots of things in the past. What works tends to be hard and unsexy. It tends to be direct and not a shortcut.

Sleep 8 hours. Do pushups. Eat vegetables and not too much food. Walk a lot. Focus on posture.

None of these things are glamorous but all of them work really really well.

Those who are able to follow the unsexy advice are generally rewarded over the long-term time horizon.

Of course, there are supposed shortcuts and it makes sense to align with whatever truly works best for you. Be that Keto or some polyphasic sleep cycle.

I will stick to pushups.