It is fairly easy to tell when interacting with people how much they care about you. I find there are subtle social cues people give off that signal whether or not they are invested in the long-term of the relationship. This is not a new or novel idea. There are entire “social sciences” dedicated to understanding inter-personal dynamics. There are books and books written on the topic.

I am particularly interested in how these nuanced “signals” translate to the digital world. In a professional sense, how can you tell if people you are working with care about you if you are only interacting with them via SMS or email. Put another way, how can I come across as a very caring person to others simply by communicating online.

I pride myself in trying to be helpful to others because I know just how massively influential complete strangers have been in my career. This is why I try to respond to emails quickly (I am going to get better at this) and be helpful whenever possible for both sides.

It is obvious when people care about you and I think there are small things you can do to show others you care about them and their futures. I want to help with this!