Do you ever get that feeling that you are a time traveler?

You blink and you are in a new place, surrounded by dozens of new people.

You blink again and you are transported to high school graduation about to complete, what you have brainwashed to be, the most important ceremony of you life. Christening your track record as a bonafide high school graduate and sending you off to college.

You blink again and you are in the middle of freshman year of school. You just failed an exam. You are in the library and it is 3 am.

You blink again and you are taken to Mykonos, Greece, enjoying your time at a beach club.

You blink again and you are in San Francisco, living alone and interning in the city.

Blink. Sophomore year. Blink another summer in San Francisco.

Blink you go abroad. Hong Kong. Blink. Cambodia. Blink. South Korea.

It is a whirlwind of experiences tied together with one thing: you.

That is life. It feels long in the moment. It is hard to appreciate, to cherish, to be present in the moment.

But that is all that we have. Blinking is the bridge between experiences. Life is really just a number of moments tied together. Some are really amazing – like exploring the islands of Thailand – and others are really negative – like getting sick in the Negev desert.

They are all moments, though.


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