ActionableI have been thinking more and more about my writing.It has been over a year now of writing every single day — and I have learned an incredible amount. There is a direct correlation between how well I think and how often I write. The more I write, the better.I do not…continue reading →

Just add value

Just add valueThere are lots of different ways to handle relationships and go about building your personal brand.Everyone will try and sell you their own advice and magic tricks that worked for them. For me, it has been always be super simple.Add as much value as you can. And when…continue reading →

My thoughts on getting into major publications

My thoughts on getting into major publicationsIn case you missed it, the other day I was on a podcast.The link to the full audio is here:In this episode I interview Jordan Gonen — a 19 year old who’s been able to guest post on sites like Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more.…continue reading →

Start Small and Move Fast

Start Small and Move FastOver the last year or so, I have been involved in a number of projects.They have been super fun to launch — and I have learned a ton from those experiences.But 10x the number of things I have actually launched by the number of “great ideas” I, and…continue reading →

Just Start

Just Start365 days ago, I started writing.Today marks the “anniversary” of my first blog post ever.I wrote a ton of words about what I’ve learned. I think you’d really enjoy and value it:Just StartEdit descriptionmedium.comOriginally published at Jordan Gonen.By jordangonen on February 24, 2017.Canonical linkExported from Medium on February 17,…continue reading →

Just Start

Lessons From an Entire Year of Daily Blogging


TimeEveryone is busy. We all have our own problems. While some of us publicize them more than others, everyone has their own shit they are dealing with.Point being, the “I do not have time excuse” really is not unique.I have found that there is “always time” to spend if you…continue reading →

Elaborating on these “mini series”

Elaborating on these “mini series”I wrote the other day about an idea I had to start doing more and more of these “mini-guides” in the form of blog posts.I took a few minutes to come up with some ideas for what those guides look more like…let me know what you…continue reading →


ProductivityEveryone these days seems to have their own advice on how to stay productive and get shit done.I have tried a lot of the different strategies. Some of them have worked well for me, others have been complete flops. I think it is all about experimenting and finding the right…continue reading →

Excited by the future

Excited by the futureHey! And welcome to #Edition1 of my revamped newsletter.The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to help you navigate the present and think about the future.While the internet has democratized access to information, it has also increased the challenge of filtering the signal from the noise. Distractions…continue reading →