Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block

Do you ever get writer’s block?

I get this question quite often when people see that I manage to put out a blog post every single day.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer, well, that is what I am about to give you.

The point of me writing every day is not to avoid challenge. In fact, there are few incentives I have to write other than my own internal motivation. If I wanted to do something easy every day ~ I am sure I could find something. I could watch Netflix every single day — that would be easy.

Point being — I write because it is hard. I write to challenge my mind and exercise my thoughts.

Most mornings, it is really hard to write. Words do not just appear on this screen (I learned that after a few weeks of just staring at my screen). I actually have to type them. Every single one of them. And the neat part is that if I do not — NO ONE will. I have no safety nets behind me. No production crews. I have no pressure to do this.

If I do not write, there will be no words. So it is up to me to find my own internal motivation to get over any challenges.

And that is exactly what writer’s block is — an obstacle that is there to stop me from cranking out this blog post. It is there to stop me from executing. But that is all it is. It is part of the journey, an essential part at that.

PS — today, I struggled to come up with a topic — so I wrote about a topic about struggling to find a topic — ANYTHING is possible.

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