Building an Armada

I think one of the best things you can do early on in your career is build an armada.

10 Years from Now

Predicting things is generally something most of us humans are bad at. Contrary, most of us think we are pretty good.

Learning from Anyone

The old cliche is that you can learn something from everyone, but in reality, we find ourselves questioning whether or not that can really…

Experiments Fail When We…

At the core of every great project, in my opinion, is an assumption. The best projects have the boldest assumptions.

Hard things to think about

There are certain things in life that we often avoid thinking about because they make our heads hurt.

Celebrate Doers

“There are not enough people who do in this world.”

Don’t Chase People

People are just people. Famous people. Not so famous people. We are all the same in nature.