True, but Not Obvious

What in life is true but not obvious?

True, but Not ObviousWhat in life is true but not obvious?

What in life is true but not obvious?

That answer changes all the time, but one fascinating to think about.

It seems like a paradoxical statement. Things that are true are facts. Things that are true should be known, right?

The key here is to think about things that leverage your own insight, experiences, etc. so that you can come to facts from a different angle. In doing so, you can find things that are so very true but not at all obvious.

However, very rarely do you know when things are true if they are not obvious. Why?

Social pressures tell you that you are wrong.

The news tells you are wrong. The media. Your friends. Your parents. Your professors.

That is what happens when the truth is not obvious to everyone else.

The job of a founder is to find the truth and then convince other people to see it. You have to first convince your team to join you. Once they see it, then you build things to convince other people that this is the truth and this is the future of the world.

The other really hard part is that you are never sure that what you are doing is actually the truth. You may have validated many assumptions, but you never know until you do.

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