Getting Comfortable Selling

Getting Comfortable SellingI had a really interesting conversation the other day with someone who has been selling in the startup world for years.It was an awesome chat for a lot of reasons. But perhaps the biggest takeaway I have, and thing I learned the most about, was on the topic…continue reading →

Shipping Quickly

Shipping QuicklyHey! This past weekend a friend and I built a project called “Celebrate Immigrants.”It is a super cool project and I’d really appreciate your support. We’re live on Product Hunt today.I shared the full story for why we put this together here but I also wanted to briefly touch…continue reading →

Retail in the Future

The evolution of retail has shaped the fabric of the American economy. As American citizens, it feels like retail shopping is in our DNA…

Moonshots: The Blog

Moonshots: The BlogLast semester, I started a little group on campus that met every once in a while, very informally, to talk about the future.This semester, we are calling the group Moonshots. I think you’d really enjoy the blog! We will have students contributing their thoughts after we hold these…continue reading →


AccomplishmentsI generally like to look forward. I can control my actions in the future. There is nothing I can really do about what has happened in the past.Every once in a while, I spend some time analyzing the past. I also find that very valuable. Though it is important not…continue reading →

On Being Successful

On Being SuccessfulThere is a ton of advice out there on how you should magically become “successful.”There is no formal, globally accepted meaning of success. Everyone has their own purpose and set of values they live by, which often make up their personal definition.There are no wrong answers. To each…continue reading →

What kills companies?

What kills companies?Most startups fail. The question I ask: why?What causes most companies to collapse? Is it the idea? The team? The lack of execution? Is it competition?In my own mind, building a business is very simple but also complicated. Reasons for failing is one of the simple parts of…continue reading →

Generating Passive Income

Generating Passive IncomeI’m pretty transparent for the reasons that I write. I actually just published a story titled “Why I Write.”The TL;DR of that story is that I write to exercise my mind and become a better communicator. Of course, other things have come from it. Many other “things” but…continue reading →

Scaphold 2.0

Scaphold 2.0Today, we’re launching Scaphold 2.0. It’s a refresh and update to our rapid app development platform.What we do:We first launched our GraphQL Backend as a Service back in May and since then a lot has changed! We have rebuilt most of the platform from the ground up and it…continue reading →