Where you should work?

Where you should work?

Everyone is entitled to their own why. Why they do what they do. It is great that we are all unique in that way. No two “whys” have to be the same.

It is important, however, to recognize that why. And to not forget it. I truly believe that why you do what you do is far more fulfilling and sustainable than focusing on what you do or where you do it.

A great example is this. The job search. For me, it is constantly being pushed down my mind by being at College, along with thousands of others all competing for that “perfect job.”

I get this question a lot: “where do you want to work?”

There are many places I want to work. But, to me, the more fascinating question is why you want to work at company xyz.

And often times, we fail to think about that why. That is until the recruiter asks us “why” from across the desk and we give them some BS fabricated answer that we are not truly passionate about.

For me, I want to be excited about where I work. In the same way that I’m excited to go traveling or go out to dinner with my friends — I want that feeling about going to work somewhere incredible. To get that feeling, I know that I need to work at a unique place, on a mission to do something incredible for people.

Ok that is super vague. But it is kind of the truth. I am not as attached to a certain field (whereas maybe I should be), but rather the mere concept of growth, creation, and solving problems.

I am fascinated by this and working with the smartest possible people to provide value at scale.

My why is something I hope to never forget. It is not a static answer. Of course it will change.

But you know what else will change? Industries. Companies. Jobs. Those things will all look very different 20 years from now. We have no control over that. Honestly, look back 20 years. How many industries that were thriving then are completely non-existent now?

Now try and look forward 20 years…What jobs will just be completely gone? Which will be first to go?

Realize that, in large part, we have no control over market conditions or the government monetary policy. None.

Kinda scary.

So the only thing we can do is focus on ourselves. Focus on our own why. Ideally, it’s a mindset that we can we apply anywhere at anytime. That is how you future proof yourself. That is how you win regardless of distractions or bad luck.

I can and have taken my drive anywhere. From selling tomatoes to working on tech to writing to t-shirts ~ whatever it is ~ you can apply passion to it if it naturally excites you.

Do what excites you. And find ways to get value out of that. And to give value out of it.

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