One of my core theories around “what will happen in the future,” certainly adapted from a number of different sources, is that, in the next 5-15 years, we will see a fundamental change in how “experts” view their business. Let me explain.

In the current state of the world (2018), there are “experts” scattered throughout the society. These are everyone ranging from service professionals (freight brokers, titling officers) to technical professionals (consultants, engineers, doctors, bankers, etc.). These people are often heavily compensated for what they do.

But…as technology will expose…how much of what they do is *really* expert status? How much of what they do is unique to their expertise vs. mundane?

An example would be how much paperwork do freight brokers do? Is paperwork the core function of the freight broker?

Of course not. They are good people people. They are salespeople. They are not paperwork machines. Yet we have convinced them that their job is about paperwork, when in reality their job is far more relational.

This is true across so many industries. Doctors take notes. They are not professional note takers, per say.

I think the next decade will be about giving experts the ability to do expert things. This is definitely a change and there will be push back but I see the reality of this situation as a net positive for everyone. We are returning to simplicity.

In its best form, technology makes things simpler…

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