Shipping Quickly

Shipping Quickly

Hey! This past weekend a friend and I built a project called “Celebrate Immigrants.

It is a super cool project and I’d really appreciate your support. We’re live on Product Hunt today.

I shared the full story for why we put this together here but I also wanted to briefly touch on exactly how we did it.

I had the idea on Saturday night. It was about 11 pm when I messaged my friend, “Hey, we should do this!”

From there, it was literally a sprint. Of course this is not the most complex thing to build in the world. All it really is is a curation of links.

But we raced. Worked for like 4 hours straight. And got it up in a matter of hours.

We knew we had to go fast for a few reasons:

  1. Shipping quickly is essential to building these little side things. If you go slowly, chances are it will never be built.
  2. The timing — we needed this out ASAP.

Of course, you also want to balance between quantity and quality ~ but it’s fun to move fast.

Quantity AND Quality

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