Generating Passive Income

Generating Passive Income

I’m pretty transparent for the reasons that I write. I actually just published a story titled “Why I Write.”

The TL;DR of that story is that I write to exercise my mind and become a better communicator. Of course, other things have come from it. Many other “things” but moreso skills, friends, and benefits have come from writing every single day.

Anyways, I do not write, on my personal blog, to make money. That has never been the goal and is not the plan.

(I do write for brands/people ~ let’s chat).

I do, however, think figuring out a way, early on in your life, to generate passive income is definitely a good thing. It’s been on my mind a bit lately — and that is creating a stream of passive income ~ like $3k/mo ~ by the end of this year.

I am only writing this publicly to hold myself to a higher standard. That is a goal I have. You may ask why? And I have longer answers. But the main one is so that I can focus more on what really matters and worry less about little things.

You may argue that something like this is a distraction from the end goal. But I see it more as a means to it.

So how am I going to do it? That remains to be seen.

One more thing to note:

I think there is a huge difference between starting a project to generate passive income and trying to build a company. Two completely different things that require completely different mindsets. I think you can “force” ideas for projects. Most companies that start that way end up being shit because they do not really solve any problems.

Now the goal is out there — time to get it.

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