Old Friends

There are few things more impactful and meaningful than old friends. There are few, if any, experiences in life that eclipse what you can…

Putting Energy In

I think one of the things most people, myself included, struggle with is expectation management. Will something succeed? What do I want to…

Moving to WordPress

If you’ve been following my blog on Medium for any amount of time now, thank you! It’s incredible to think that people read what I write.


In case you missed it, here are 10 ways to make money while in college on Forbes:

Just Add Value

It’s internship season for many college students around the country.

Yes or no.

I find myself getting involved in a lot of different commitments. I like to stay busy. It’s part of my personality.

Car Ownership in the Future

I pulled out some interesting insights from Lyft’s essay on the “The Third Transportation Revolution.”